Our Company

ECOMPUTINGX is an internet resource providing online technical references and online software applications for engineering professionals, scientists and researchers, educators and students. Our mission is to develop a one-stop powerhouse where users can get easy access to reliable and concise information to meet their needs in daily work, and obtain quick solutions for various engineering problems through scientific computation.

The name ECOMPUTINGX stands for easy computing for exploration of science and technology, highlighting many online software apps for instant scientific computation and convenient engineering analysis. The letter e in the company name also indicates mobile computing capability of the software apps, which can be used anywhere and anytime with tablets and smartphones.

Established by three founders with 50+ years of combined experience in engineering and academia, ECOMPUTINGX is a registered corporation in California. The main revenues of the company come from membership dues and advertisements on its website.

Our Products

Through its website, ECOMPUTINGX offers two types of contents:

(i) Technical references in science and technology such as theories, formulas, tables, mathematical models, computation algorithms, design guidelines, and relevant publications; and

(ii) Online software applications for computation, visualization, analysis and design in many problems in engineering.

The technical references are mostly original, being carefully prepared by our professional team with high qualifications and high standards. Many of the online software apps are created by unique analytical algorithms, delivering fast and accurate solutions for fairly complicated engineering problems, which otherwise would be difficult to achieve by conventional approximate methods.

These two types of contents are packaged into modules called Toolboxes. A Toolbox consists of a number of Tools, covering a subject area in engineering. A typical Tool contains an online software app for fast and efficient solutions of a particular problem and a quick review of the relevant subject with fundamental theories, commonly used formulas, tables and publications. The company currently has ten Toolboxes. More Toolboxes are being developed.

One innovative feature of the Toolboxes is that they are usable with either desktop and laptop computers or mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This mobile computing capability enables the user to easily obtain technical references and engineering solutions anywhere in the world and at any desired time.

Contact Us

For general questions, send email to info@ecomputingx.com

For technical support, send email to support@ecomputingx.com