Basic Toolboxes for Engineering Analysis & Simulation

98 online software tools for many problems in mechanical, civil, aerospace and electrical engineering.

1. Toolbox of Solid Mechanics (SM)

SM-01: Static Analysis of Euler-Bernoulli Beams

SM-02: Static Analysis of Bars, Shafts and Strings

SM-03: Buckling Analysis of Columns

SM-04: Stress Analysis of Thick-Walled Cylinders

SM-05: Stress Analysis of Thin-Walled Pressure Vessels

SM-06: Strain Gauge Rosette

SM-07: Hooke's Law (2D and 3D)

SM-08: Conversion of Elastic Constants

SM-09: Stress Transformation and Principle Stresses

SM-10: Strain Transformation and Principle Strains

SM-11: Criteria of Failure in 2D

SM-12: Interference Fit (Press Fit)

SM-13: Stress in Bars by Thermal Effects and Fabrication Errors

SM-14: Plastic Analysis of Euler-Bernoulli Beams

2. Toolbox of Structural Dynamics (SD)

SD-01: Vibration of Euler-Bernoulli Beams - Eigensolutions

SD-02: Vibration of Bars, Shafts and Strings - Eigensolutions

SD-03: Vibration of Rectangular Membranes - Eigensolutions

SD-04: Vibration of Circular Membranes - Eigensolutions

SD-05: Beam Carrying a Lumped Mass - Eigensolutions

SD-06: Bar/Shaft/String Carrying a Lumped Mass - Eigensolutions

SD-07: Vibration of Timoshenko Beams - Eigensolutions

3. Toolbox of Vibrating Systems (VB)

VB-01: Vibration Analysis of One-Degree-of-Freedom Systems - Time Response

VB-02: Vibration Analysis of One-Degree-of-Freedom Systems - Frequency Response

VB-03: Dynamic Vibration Absorption without Damping

VB-04: Dynamic Vibration Absorption with Viscous Damping

VB-05: Eigensolution of Serially Connected Undamped Oscillators

VB-06: Frequency Response of Serially Connected Damped Oscillators

VB-07: Vibration of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems (No Damping) - Eigensolutions

VB-08: Vibration Measurement

VB-09: Nonlinear Vibration of One-Degree-of-Freedom Systems

VB-10: Response of One-Degree-of-Freedom Systems to Periodic Force (Fourier Series)

VB-11: Vibration Isolation

4. Toolbox of Rotordynamics (RD)

RD-01: Laval-Jeffcott rotor

RD-02: Rotating Flexible Shaft-Disk System - Natural Frequency and Critical Speed

RD-03: Rotating Flexible Shaft-Disk System - Unbalanced Mass Response

RD-04: Liquid Annular Seal (Black Model)

RD-05: Liquid Annular Seal (Childs Model)

RD-06: Plain Journal Bearing

RD-07: Journal Bearing With Axial Grooves

RD-08: Water-Lubricated Rubber Bearing

RD-09: Squeeze Film Dampers

5. Toolbox of Fluid and Thermal Systems (FT)

FT-01: Pressure Drop in a Pipe

FT-02: Flow Rate in a Pipe

FT-03: Water Hammer

FT-04: Forces by Turning Flow in a Duct

FT-05: Hydraulic Cylinders

FT-06: Heat Conduction in Multilayered Composites (Lumped Parameter Model)

FT-07: Steady State Heat Conduction in 1-D Single Slab

FT-08: Steady State Heat Conduction in a Hollow Cylinder

FT-09: Steady State Heat Conduction in a Hollow Sphere

FT-10: Transient Heat Conduction in 1-D Single Slab

FT-11: Transient Heat Conduction in a Hollow Cylinder

FT-12: Transient Heat Conduction in a Hollow Sphere

6. Toolbox of Machine Components (MC)

MC-01: Power Screws

MC-02: Spur Gears

MC-03: Helical Compression Springs

MC-04: Helical Tension Springs

MC-05: Helical Torsion Springs

MC-06: Leaf Springs

MC-07: Disk Brakes

MC-08: Shoe Drum Brakes

7. Toolbox of Dynamic Systems and Controls (DC)

DC-01: First-Order Dynamic Systems

DC-02: Second-Order Dynamic Systems

DC-03: Stability by Routh Criterion

DC-04: Bode Diagram From Transfer Functions

DC-05: Conversion From Transfer Function to State Space Form

DC-06: Engine-Propeller System

DC-07: Geared System

DC-08: DC Motor

DC-09: Liquid-Level Systems

DC-10: Time Response of State Space Formulation

DC-11: Properties of State Space Models

DC-12: State Feedback Control

DC-13: PID Control

DC-14: Time Response of Linear Time-Varying Systems

DC-15: Root Locus

8. Toolbox of Electrical Systems (ES)

ES-01: Basic Formulas (for R, L, C and Electro-Magnetics)

ES-02: R/C/L in Parallel and Serial Connections

ES-03: Wheatstone Bridge

ES-04: RLC Circuit Analysis

ES-05: Operational Amplifier Circuits

9. Toolbox of Mathematical Analysis (MA)

MA-01: Solutions of Triangles

MA-02: Solution of Polynomial Equations

MA-03: Complex Numbers

MA-04: Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations

MA-05: Inverse Laplace Transforms

MA-06: Solution of System of Linear Algebra Equations A*X=b

MA-07: Matrix Eigenvalue Problems (A*u = λ*u and λ*M*u = K*u)

MA-08: Numerical Integration in One Dimension

MA-09: Numerical Integration in Two Dimensions

MA-10: Fourier Series of Periodic Functions

MA-11: Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Inverse FFT

MA-12: Polynomial Multiplication and Division

10. Toolbox of Utilities (UT)

UT-01: Unit Converter

UT-02: Areas and Volumes

UT-03: Moments of Inertia of Beam Cross-Section Area

UT-04: Compound Interest Calculation

UT-05: Function Plotter

UT-06: 3D Plotter